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ADD is an innovative furniture system designed by Werner Aisslinger for FLÖTOTTO. It is a highly modular concept based around changing modern requirements. ADD is very flexible and individual. It can be changed around, expanded and changed again, keeping up with your life and adapting into new layouts. The heart of ADD is an innovative linking element that functions at the touch of a button. The linking element cannot be seen from the outside and enables all front, side and back walls to be unclipped, or clipped back on, easily. In short, it is an assembly technique that means you can change the existing elements and add new ones.


This furniture system is impressive with how simple and easy it is to configure with the linking element of the product. The materials used are of very high quality and beautiful. It is a cost-effective solution that still allows for a wide range of different configurations as desired. It also has an innovative linking element and a novel fastening technology for the side panels that can be attached with the push of a button.

Manufacturer / Client

Flötotto Systemmöbel GmbH
Rietberg, Germany

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Studio Aisslinger
Berlin, Germany

Werner Aisslinger

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