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The sauna Inipi B integrates on a footprint of about just 120 x 120 cm the classic sweat bath in the modern bathroom and living architecture. Its compact dimensions allow plenty of room for relaxing spa atmosphere even in small city apartments. The Inipi B works independently of fixed connections and only needs an outlet. It is just as easy to assemble as to disassemble, which makes it also suitable for installation in rented accommodations. The cabin itself shows a pure, clear and reduced design. Basis is a frame made of high-gloss white decor. The large window in the front offers optical transparency.


Having a sauna has become more and more popular during the last 20 years; also in the private home. However, most saunas are designed for 3-4 persons. But often one has a sauna alone or as a pair and this is where the Inipi B by Duravit offers an excellent solution: attractive and intelligent detail solutions in addition to a minimal demand in space and energy provide a maximum sense of spaciousness.

Manufacturer / Client

Duravit AG
Hornberg, Germany

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EOOS Design GmbH
Wien, Austria

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