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“The Nine Chapters on Mathematical Art” is one of the oldest mathematic scriptures in China. Using the method of Q & A (questions and answers), this old scripture records mathematic questions that were applicable to its time. This work uses Tangram’s figure (adding and taking away shapes) to explain the four key points of the “The Nine Chapters on Mathematical Art”: 1. Ratio, Measurement of area and Distributive law, 2. Remainder, 3. Linear Equations, 4. Pythagorean theorem. Finally, the goal of this work is to manifest the original meaning of the “The Nine chapters on Mathematical Art” and retell the fascination of mathematics in daily life.

Manufacturer / Client

Chung Yuan Christian University
Department of Commercial Design
Taoyuan, Taiwan

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Chung Yuan Christian University
New Taipei City, Taiwan

Tsai Chia-Yu

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