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Balance is a 2-in/2-out audio interface for recording and playback. It’s the first hardware product ever from the top-tier music software company – Propellerhead. By this, an iconic software brand is transferred into the physical world and establishes design assets for future hardware products. Interaction is facing the user on the topside instead of the common short side. With color-coded inputs for all the gear, instruments are always connected and ready to record. An equally large knob for speakers and headphones acknowledges that music makers of today are as likely to create at a workstation as on their laptop with headphones on.


The Propellerhead cult brand is increasingly establishing itself with an excellent, purist design of a kind that is rarely seen. Beautiful, clean typography without frills – allowing one to work effectively and sensibly with the product for many years.

Manufacturer / Client

Propellerhead Software
Stockholm, Sweden

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No Picnic AB
Stockholm, Sweden

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