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EzyStove® reduces greenhouse gases, tackles alarming deforestation and cooks meal faster. It is a far better alternative to cooking over open fire and is affordable to even the poorest households. The combustion chamber is insulated, replaceable and placed above ground, which traps and insulates the heat, thereby reducing the amount of wood needed by two-thirds and the emission of gases by 60% to 80%. The outer cover provides protection from the intense heat and enables the use of any type of pot or pan. The stove is dispatched as a flat pack, minimizing cargo space, and can be put together by local workshops using basic tools.


EzyStove® is proof that product design covers a wide range, and not only the most shapely products deserve an award. The design of the stove permits using pots and pans, and makes cooking over an open fire affordable for impoverished population groups. EzyStove® earned an iF gold award for the convincing idea to design something that is of great benefit.


Manufacturer / Client

Creative Entrepreneur Solutions CES
Oluno-Ondangwa, Namibia

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Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden

Mårten Andrén, Håkan Bergkvist, Jonas Dolk,
August Michael, Stefan Strandberg,
Elisabeth Ramel-Wåhrberg

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